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Teacher Name-:  Velez Date-:  September 1, 2005
Grade Level-:  Kindergarten Subject-:  Music
Title-:  Phonemic Awareness through Music Unit-:  Phonemic Awareness
Period-:  3
Title--: Music
Learning Outcomes/Goals-:   Music Standard 3:
Students will respond critically to a variety of works in the arts, connecting the individual work to other works and to other aspects of human endeavor and thought.

Students will enjoy listening to a song and identify the rhyming words.
Lesson Objectives/Performance Indicators-:   After listening to the song, Down By the Bay by Raffi, the students will identify at least 5 rhyming sets of words.

Performance Indicators:
• describe the music’s context in terms related to its social and psychological functions and settings (e.g., roles of participants, effects of music, uses of music with other events or objects, etc.)

• describe their understandings of particular pieces of music and how they relate to their surroundings
Materials/Resources-:   Down By the Bay by Raffi
Chart with written song
Various colored markers
DVD, Tape and recorders

Internet resource:
Lesson Development/Demonstration/Explanation-:   Students will sit in a circle and list all of their favorite songs on a chart. Some of them may choose to sing their song. If no one has named the song, Down By the Bay, the teacher will add this to the chart. The teacher will introduce Raffi to the children by displaying his picture and many of his songs. If books are available, they can be displayed. Refer to website in Resource section to introduce Raffi and his works. Listen to his song and have the students sing and enjoy the song. Then ask them to listen carefully the third time, displaying a chart with his song. As they listen, they are to clap when they hear the rhyming words. They can take turns going to the chart and using colored markers around the words that rhyme. Finally, put each of the rhyming pairs on a chart to display.
Accommodations for Special Needs-:   Students who need to be challenged can make their own rhyming words on cards. They can partner with others who may have difficulty with this concept and practice together. Students can also illustrate the chart with Raffi's song.
Independent Practice-:   Make individual word cards for the rhyming words from Raffi's song. Let the children work in pairs to match the rhymes. Play Raffi's song as they work.
Assessment Of Lesson-:   Did most of the children understand and recognize the rhyming words? If not, what can I do to follow up this lesson? Did I challenge the students who need more independence? Was Raffi's song appropriate and fun for the children?
Teacher Reflection-:   I will create a center to reinforce the rhyming concept. Students who are having difficulty can go to the center, which will have a tape recorder and worksheets with songs on them. They can highlight rhyming words. Teacher assistants of family volunteers can assist with this. Are my students enjoying the songs as well as learning more about phonemic awareness?