Physical Education Lesson Plan Maker- Make standards based lesson plans using your own format or choose from our various templates. The sample below uses our Physical Education Lesson Plan Format.
Teacher Name-:  Dee Claire Date-:  September, 2005
Grade Level-:  K-1, Special Ed. Subject-:  Physical Education
Title-:  Bean Bag Challenge Unit-:  Muscle coordination
Period-:  5
Title--: Physical Education
Dominant Concept-:   This activity will be performed by K-1 students to enhance their eye-hand coordination. Students at this age need practice in large muscle control and development.
Sub-concept-:   Students will need to use listening skills and organization to follow this activity.
Students will work as a team as they design team logo.
Students will create a chart before beginning this lesson, brainstorming safety rules when performing this activity. These will be posted throughout the activity and referred to when necessary.
Focus-:   While students are directed in the development of eye-hand coordination, they are also working in cooperation with one another. Students will be placed in five teams. Teams will sit together and design a team name for their posters. This will be done will the assistance of an adult volunteer. They will also use construction paper to design a card to place on each member\'s back. This is to help with building team spirit and cooperation.
Level-:   This activity can be used with Kindergarten and First Grade. It can also be useful with students who lack coordination skills in special classes.
Foundational Objectives-:   Students will be able to experience success, not only in physical education classes, but in all aspects of their education if they work on the following concepts:
1. Listening skills
2. Organizational skills
3. Large muscle coordination and development
4. Working cooperatively with others
Learning Objectives-:   Students will learn to move in an orderly manner from station to station.
Students will work cooperatively with a partner, as well as, working individually.
After listening to directions and modeling from the teacher, the students will move around five stations. They will complete the directions in each station before moving on to the next.
Procedure/Demonstration/Explanation-:   There will be five adult volunteers to assist with this activity. They will each hold a poster with names of each team. Teams would have agreed on a name beforehand. Students will wear their cards on their backs for identification. They will form a line behind their poster. The teacher will demonstrate the activity at each station. The stations are as follows:
1. Bucket Toss: Throw a bean bag into a bucket from a designated point. They will have two tries at this.
2. Pitch and Catch: Throwing bean bags to a partner. They can do this twice.
3. Bean Bag Balance: Place bean bags on head, shoulders, hands, one foot while walking a designated distance.
4. Bull\'s Eye: Students will throw bean bag through a hole (which is the nose of a clown). They have two turns.
5. Walk and Share: Students will walk with a bean bag on a stick to a designated spot and back to the next student. Hand it to the next student who will do the same until the team has completed the task.
Each team has no more than five minutes to complete each station.
Accommodation Needs-:   If there are students with a disability, some modifications can be made: such as, making targets larger, peer assistance (for more challenging students), give more time, etc.
Equipment/Materials-:   Bean Bags and sticks
Clown target with hole in the nose
Five poster boards for teams
Construction paper for team names
Markers, crayons, etc.
Assessment / Evaluation-:   Students will be assessed by:
1. Participation
2. Effort
3. Team cooperation
4. Observance of safety rules
5. Listening and following directions
Teacher Reflection-:   Sit with students in a circle at the end of this activity and ask: Did they enjoy the activities? What did they like best? Comment on their ability to focus during the lesson and listening skills. What other stations would they like to see next time?